owenpope.comwe need to unlock the events and action of our forebears, only then will we understand destiny

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owenpope.com is a multimedia site designed to inspire, entertain and hopefully add to the collective knowledge, that we as a human race are building and cataloguing.

July 2001, we made the first sections live and now we are in the exciting process of collating more information and making it available within the dynamic format of this website. I look forward to receiving an email from you so that I can add your contact details to the Pope Note subscription list and update you with progress.

The internet is the first opportunity afforded to the human race to collect, retrieve and exchange information on an unprecedented global scale. If we can harness this power to better understand ourselves, then doubts in our ability to resolve conflict, starvation and disease will I believe disappear.

To get full functionality with this site when it does go live, I recommend downloading Windows Media Player or Realplayer and Flash

Owen Pope

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