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Margaret Teresa Pope
(nee Lee)
Owen James Pope
(21st Birthday)

Owen James Pope
Rosalie Marion Pope
Frank Walter Pope

Walter James Lee
Margaret Teresa Lee
Teresa Caroline Lee
(nee Brooks)
Florence Rosina Brooks

Walter James Lee



My quest to find out more about my family has led me to the Internet and the launch of this project.

The net is the first opportunity afforded the human race to collect, retrieve and exchange information on such a global scale.

If we can harness this power to better understand ourselves universally as families and individuals, then doubts in our ability to resolve conflict, starvation and disease will I believe disappear.

I hope my thoughts outlined in my biography, throughout these chapters, will put in context the motives and aspirations for this project and in doing so reveal the story of my family.

The site in total will provide links between Pope family members, universal history, biographies of family members, updated profiles on living members of the Pope family and lastly a place for this great family of ours to meet, talk and jointly develop projects and ideas.

"The past is a great starting point with many lessons for the future."

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