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Owen, Kaye, Shelley, Tim

Anathoth beginnings. Kaye made raspberry jam from their farm and sold it at the Nelson market

Picking raspberries at Anathoth

A sample of the range of Anathoth Jams & Pickles

The Future

I'm the sort of person who is always busy with the present and the future so naturally, I believe a quarter of a century beyond this point will be immensely exciting.

Communication with people will be on a completely different basis than at the moment.

It will be more interactive in ways that we can only currently imagine.

You won't be separated by distance or time and it will be this that will make the biggest contrast between the future and today. You will be able to communicate with anyone anywhere.

I think we will still be coming to terms with the broader process of reconciliation. Most people live in their own environment and unfortunately don't want to move outside of that.

Whether communication of the future will have changed or improved our lifestyle is questionable. I don' think any technological advance is really going to improve the relationships people have in the world, that is up to the individual. We should be doing something about that now.

Neither do I see environmental experiences changing basic human nature. The fact is we are still going to have to address the way we feel when we don't get what we want.

We'll still be dealing with all our human emotion unless of course in time we are able to genetically alter ourselves so that we don't experience feelings as we know them now.

I think faith will be as we know it today. The churches we will be attending will reflect the life and music of the day. There will be change, a lot of the existing churches will have disappeared but faith is faith and it will remain.

I hope when the family looks at this website they will see and experience a strong message of value in education, enterprise, and maintaining good relationships with people.

If this is the message taken from today to the future then my job will have been done well.

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