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Kaye & Owen clearing the Anathoth Farm

Tiwai Smelter Crew

Early Enterprise Anathoth - Kitchen Joinery Franchise


Why do we do this thing called work?

The obvious answer is to provide shelter and put food on the table.

My upbringing which created empathy for the land, instilled in me a desire for "self-determination."

This means to me, the right to choose how I will earn my living and how to manage my time or my personal space. Wealth can't buy intellect or spirit but it does however allow you a greater number of choices.

For most people this never becomes a reality and they are unfortunately left to live out some one else's dream. I could not be satisfied with such a situation.

I left school with the idea of becoming a pilot, while this never eventuated my spirit has never touched the ground since. To those who are considering these thoughts with a view to finding an answer to their journey, consider this.

Make the most of the present by resolving doubt and embrace uncertainty with faith.

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