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Kaye & Owen clearing the Anathoth Farm

Owen resting ready for the next chapter


As a Christian and member of the Vineyard Church I believe our behavior is governed by values. These in turn become imprinted on everything we do.

In fact they become the essence by which we live. I believe any nation, and in particular I'm thinking of New Zealand, would benefit greatly from adopting the goal of a value driven lifestyle.

There are two parts to a value driven lifestyle and these are what I have adopted; sincerity and consistency, education and enterprise.

At the core of my belief is that the Bible is the basis of any employment contract. This contract simply put says, "a fair days pay for a fair days work."

We have a responsibility to make the most of what we have, however I do question that while so much of our life is focussed around labouring, when will we collectively pause to lift "our game?"

While we live and conduct business in an environment that promotes the "market," where the price for goods and services is not necessarily what they are worth, the prices relating to the wealth of the consumer, then what hope have we? Surely there is a better way!

We reveal the truth through our actions.

Market research is often misleading, people reveal the truth in their actions.

For us to overcome this current situation we must do what they cannot. Walk the values, put them at the core of our business relationships and enjoy reasonable profit compared to market philosophies.

I don't often think backwards I'm always thinking about where I am going and therefore encourage others to move beyond what they might normally accept.

It is important for us to speak the truth, deal honestly and live uprightly.


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