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Anathoth Farm

The bridge to Anathoth

Anathoth farm

From small beginnings...

Berry picking at Anathoth

What started the industry - Anathoth raspberry jam

Anathoth berry vines ready for harvest


"Answered Prayer."

If I was to show you a physical manifestation of my beliefs which are "sincerity and consistency, education and enterprise," it would be Anathoth.
In Hebrew Anathoth means "Answered Prayer."

So what is this place? Presuming you have read the chapter Early Years and mused over my childhood disbelief that "farmers" grew berries, then you will know Anathoth is disbelief turning to belief.

In the late eighties Kaye and I moved our family Tim and Shelley from Invercargill to Nelson. After a period of time in the Labour Department and Kaye teaching we decided it was time to further our plans for independence.

Two things followed, we bought a rundown raspberry farm in Upper Moutere and followed this soon after with the purchase of a joinery franchise.

We named the farm Anathoth, pronounced "arna - tot", started work on gearing it up for production and started manufacturing kitchens.

I decided the best way to promote the joinery franchise was to take a stall at the world famous Nelson Market, open Saturday mornings in Montgomery Square, and Kaye decided to pay for the stall by selling home made jam.

Soon the joinery got left behind as we started making jam to keep up with an increasing demand from members of the public at the market. The break through came when "the supermarkets called."

To meet this ever increasing demand we realised expansion was upon us and faith in our business philosophy came to the fore. We believe in relationships based on truth, honesty and a fair days pay for a fair days work.

Now this is the difference between Anathoth and other jam and pickle makers. Our growers also make our jams and pickles.

It is a unique relationship that ensures for all; Anathoth, the growers and consumers, that we produce quality and price our products to reflect the investment that has been made.

By investment I mean: monetary, spiritual, creativity and integrity

It is because of this, I believe I can confidently compose a 2025 scenario for Anathoth.

I hope this company or group of companies is growing, manufacturing and marketing food stuffs in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere. How about Anathoth farms and supermarkets or their future equivalent.

Anathoth it's a great place to be for now and the future.

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